A Latin Journey with music from Cuba, Mexico, Colombia, Brazil and Peru. 

Candela Son in Mexico
Candela Son is a quartet based in San Pancho (Mexico) where they perform in hotels, festivals and private events. Candela Son play all kinds of Latin styles such as son, bolero, chachacha, cumbia, tango, ranchero, bossa nova and salsa. Listening to Candela Son you will give you a musical journey through Latin America. The founders of Candela Son are Sylvana Aspani (Argentina) and Augusto Loeza Gonzalez (Mexico). At each venue where Candela Son perform their music, you will experience wonderful musicians playing every note straight from the heart.

Candela Son in Europe 
Every summer Sylvana and Augusto travel to Europe to continue their musical adventures. The goal of this website is to promote Candela Son in Europe. In Europe they mainly perform as a duo or trio giving concerts in The Netherlands, France, Switzerland, Belgium and Spain. The third musician being part of Candela Son in Europe is Wouter Helmig (The Netherlands) who plays percussion as well singing backing vocals. Wouter studied Afro-Cuban Percussion in Cuba and with his small but creative multi percussion setup he provides Candela Son with a traditional Cuban sound. As a listener you will find yourself for a moment in Cuba. Curious how we sound? Check out our videos.   

They made the audience dance and sing! Thanks Candela Son for this amazing night! ” - El Zócalo (Paris)